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JamDeck is an organic music sketchpad for capturing brilliant ideas quickly
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Though at first it seems like it can be defined only as a music sketchpad, JamDeck is actually a much more complex music production tool. It's a comprehensive application meant to help you capture your moment of inspiration and create new, original music right when the brilliant ideas hit you. Therefore it features a simple workflow based on instant live looping, letting you focus on the important parts and not on the small, irrelevant background details. Next to the simple workflow, the wide range of available instruments allows you to use this intuitive tool to create instant, live jam sessions where the highest level of creativity can be fully unleashed.

JamDeck is a powerful and feature-rich tool that includes handy features such as the support for many instruments (39 built-in instruments) as well as MIDI hardware, or the loop recorder that lets you capture and replay loop layers of up to 32 beats in length. Saving the jams to MIDI or WAVE sound files is also possible.

It's also really easy to use. The handy preset drum kits and the loop recording function makes creating beats a simple activity even when using no other device but your computer's simple keyboard.

Thanks to the distraction-free workflow, JamDeck is suitable for producers and songwriters alike. To sum it all up, JamDeck is an amazing music making solution that truly impressed me while testing.

Margie Smeer
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  • Can export to Ableton Live, Logic Pro, REAPER, GarageBand, and more
  • Direct SoundCloud upload
  • Many built-in instruments
  • Can save to WAVE and MIDI files
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Very feature-rich
  • Reasonable price


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